With over a decade of experience in the Human Resource, Recruitment and Legal fields, we are passionate about utilising our extensive knowledge and expertise to help individuals and organisations in need of bespoke HR input and guidance.


Katharine Lamba founded KP HR Consulting because she felt that there was space in the market for a fresher, more modern take on HR. Through KP HR Consulting she can offer a knowledgeable, approachable service to businesses wanting up to date, reliable HR advice across the organisational spectrum.

Katharine has diverse and extensive experience in both the HR and Legal fields. She studied Law and French Law at the Universities of Birmingham in the UK and Bordeaux in France, gaining her a BA degree in Law with French . The degree course gave her a wide knowledge base on a comprehensive range of subjects and equipped her with an understanding of the UK and European legal and corporate systems, and how these translate into an employment context. This knowledge has been invaluable during the 10 years she has spent working within the HR industry.



"Responsibility for individuals and teams locally and internationally is a fundamental part of our work at KP HR Consulting. Our experience in this field involves staff development as well as disciplinaries and grievances both in the UK and abroad.

By building close working relationships with team members and the wider stakeholders we are able to build and manage successful teams. This way we are alerted to performance both weak and strong sooner rather than later. We can then assess and implement methods to manage staff performance which in turn will further enhance the performance of the wider business."


Staff development is a key element of our support services. We aim to help your business quickly identify and engage strong team members. We believe in the importance of employees receiving regular performance management in both informal one-to-one settings as well as formal appraisal procedures, in parallel with which training and development strategies should be followed and developed to ensure staff are given the additional support required to fulfil their roles to their maximum potential.


Being responsible for global staff requires a high level of communication skills both written and verbal including tackling language and culture barriers which we have keenly developed over the last decade. Particularly within an HR capacity, strong communication is key to achieving staff objectives, from handling and delivering sensitive information to delivering difficult information and ensuring the organisational objectives are communicated to all levels of the business in an effective manner.

Recruitment & Onboarding

At KP HR Consulting we relish the challenge of bringing on strong, motivated and engaged staff and we have key experience within this field. It has proven in our experience to be crucial to have a toolkit in place to enable the hiring organisation to bring on the right staff members for the job in question; this includes a clear and transparent hiring and succession strategy, an efficient sourcing and hiring method, an efficient and productive interview process, and an effective, well managed induction process. A thorough and two-way probationary review procedure is also essential in order to identify and tackle early issues and ensure high engagement levels from the early stages onward.